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84 years of Pride, Work, Spirit, Leadership, and Sacrifice

Foster communication & engagement of Saddle Tramp Alumni;
Serve for betterment of Texas Tech & the Saddle Tramps

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The Saddle Tramps Alumni Association consists of Saddle Tramps Alumni or Ex-Tramps of the Saddle Tramps organization on Texas Tech's campus. We also recognize Honorary Saddle Tramps for their contributions to Saddle Tramps and Texas Tech.  


All of the members at one time or another upheld the traditions of Texas Tech. These men were the Midnight Raiders, the Raider Red's, and the protectors of the tradition.​​

The Saddle Tramps Alumni Association (STAA) exists to foster communication & engagement of Ex-Tramps and serve for the betterment of Texas Tech & the Saddle Tramps.

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Updated 9/26/2020

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